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  • str.Estonakan 12/1 Yerevan Armenia (map)

ARMENIAN OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP OF KYOKUSHIN KARATE  among children, girls, youths and juniors, men and women in kata and kumite.

Tournament Regulations.

The general management and conduct of the competition is carried out by Armenian Kyokushin karate federation, sponsor of the tournament Ltd. "Autolux"

1. Goals and Objectives.

  • Promotion and development of  Kyokushin karate,
  • Encouraging healthy lifestyle among children and youths,
  • Formation of high moral and physical qualities, comprehensive development of a personality,
  • Strengthening friendship among  the sportsmen from different countries,
  • Sportsmen`s mastership level upgrading and revelation of strongest fighters.

2. Time and location.

 The tournament will take place October 28th, 2017

The mandate commission October 27th, 15:00-20:00

Address: Yerevan, str.Amiryan 9

  • Referee seminar October 27th 18:00-19:00
  • Tournament 10:00- October 28th
  • Ceremonial Opening 11:00- October 28th
  • Sayonara 20:00-October 28th (over 18 years)

The location of the tournament: Yerevan, str. Manandya, 41 Building                                                                      

3. The participants of the tournament.

 The members of the delegation:

  • the official representative of the team ( the head of the delegation), 
  • sportsmen,
  • referees.

To participate in the tournament are allowed sportsmen from 8 to 18 years old, over 18 years. The participants in Kumite will perform in accordance to the following age and weight –categories;

Age group 8-9 years                                       

  • Up to 25kg
  • Up to 30kg
  • Above 30kg

Age group 10-11 years

  • Up to 30kg
  • Up to 35kg     
  • Up to 40kg
  • Above 40kg

Age group 12-13 years                            

  • Up to 35kg
  • Up to 40kg
  • Up to 45kg
  • Up to 50kg
  • Above 50kg

Age group 14-15 years

  • Up to 45kg
  • Up to 50kg
  • Up to 55kg
  • Up to 60kg
  • Above 60kg

Age group 16-17 years                              

  • Up to 60kg
  • Up to 65kg
  • Up to 70kg
  • Above 70kg

Age group over 18-girls and women

  • Up to 55kg
  • Up to 65kg
  • Above 65kg

Age group over 18-men

  • Up to 70kg
  • Up to 80kg
  • Above 80 kg

The tournament organisers reserve the right of changing the weight-categories after holding the mandate commission.

Participants in KATA will be divided into the following age categories:

a)    up to 13 years

Arbitrary program, Kata on choice.

b)    From 13 to 18 years

Arbitrary program: Kata on choice- Pinan (III-V), Yantsu, Tsukino-no

The obligatory program: Gyakusay-sho.

c)    Above 18 years

The obligatory program: Gyakusay-sho.

Arbitrary program: Seinchin, Seipay, Garyu, Kanku, Sushiho.

In case of the equal quantity of points in the obligatory program there will be appointed a new Kata to be demonstrated different from the one already carried out.

4. Requirements to the Participants, Permission criteria.

The following requirements should be strictly maintained by participants to be admitted to take part in the tournament.

  • Medical dispensary examination certificate,
  • Qualification certifying document (budo-passport),
  • Valid passport or certificate of birth,
  • Team Application certified by the official representative,
  • Clean dogi with a belt corresponding to the rank, a neat haircut and protective means.

Even if any sportsmen breaks a single point mentioned above, he will not be permitted to take part in the tournament. If the sportsman`s name and surname is announced and he doesn`t turn out on the tatami during a minute, he will lose the fight.

5. The competition in Kumite is held as follows-the loser cannot continue the competition.

Fight duration:

  •       Preliminary                                            2min + 1min +weighting + 1min
  •       Semi-Final, Final                                   2min +1min +1min +weighting + 1min

Juniors and youth

 Men and women

  •       Preliminary                                            2min +2min +weighting + 1min
  •       Semi-Final, Final                                   2min +2min +2min +weighting + 2min

While weighting the difference of more than 2 kg weight is taken into consideration.

While weighting juniors, men and women the difference of more than 3 kg weight is taken into consideration.

 6. Protective means; 

  • for groin and feet are necessary for all the categories,
  • light gloves are necessary for sportsmen up to 18 years.
  • Protective helmet will be provided by tournament organisers.      

7. Financial conditions:

 participation in the tournament; 20$

8. Expenses.

All the expenses concerning the tournament organisation are covered by the federation of  Armenian Kyokushin karate federation. As for the expenses connected with the arrivals and placement of teams, they are met by the organizations and teams heading them.

9. Awarding.

  • A set of 3 prizes is performed (the first 3 places) in the competition of each category.
  • Both the winners and the prizewinners of the tournament will be awarded with medals, cups and diplomas in accordance with the degree.
  • The company "Autolux" offers additional prizes.

The preliminary applications are admitted up to the 15th of October:

  1. Address:                                                    Yerevan, str.Estonakan 12/1
  2. E-mail:                                            
  3. Telephone numbers:                                 (37494) 40-42-45