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IFKKA Full Contact Seminar with Sensei Mark Mitchell

Full Contact Seminar with Sensei Mark Mitchell

Date : Sunday May 7th
Time : 10am - 2:30pm
Venue: to be determined based on attendance

Here's the last seminar in the run up to our Full Contact tournament (see below for THOSE details).

Entries close at midnight on Friday 5th, but please get your entries in earlier so we can determine which venue to use - Petersham or Tempe!


If you intend to do any full contact fighting (and we have 2 tournaments of our own this year, and there are several others coming up that you could consider attending) and even if you just want to learn more about how to improve your dojo sparring, and develop your core for good stances and technique, then this is the seminar for you!


Entries are online.


For IFKKA Members, $20 if you book online and $30 if you want to do a paper entry via your instructor or pay at the door.

For non-IFKKA members, and you're all very welcome - the cost is $30 online only.


Anyone 11 years and up, all grades, can attend. If you're under 11 but 8th kyu and up, and REALLY REALLY interested, then talk to you instructor about letting you do it.