IFK Fighters for the 12th WKO World Open championship 2019


In 1 month, 6 IFK fighters will take part in one of the most prestigious events in the karate world: The 12th World Karate championship 2019, which will be held on November 9-10, Musashino Forest Sports Plaza, Tokyo, Japan.

The organizer of this famous event is WKO Shinkyokushinkai and according to the agreement of cooperation among KWU and WKO our fighters will participate again as in the previous one. We wish good luck to all the participants! Ganbatte kudasai! Osu!

Here are the names:

  • Rosin Jonas (Sweden) - 2017 KWU World Championship 2nd place; 2018 IFK European Championship 1st place; 2017 IFK World Championship 2nd place

  • Markwell Emma (Great Britain) - 2018 & 2019 IFK Cup of Europe 1st place; 2019 European Championships Kumite 1st place; 2013, 2015, 2017 KWU World Championships Kumite 2nd place

  • Drozd Aleksandr (Russia) - 2018 European Championship KWU 1st place; 2017 World Championship 1st place; 2016 World Cup 1st place

  • Lilyakov Artem (Russia) - 2018 Europe championship 1st place; 2018 European cup 2nd place; 2018 Russian championship 2nd place

  • Belyaev Victor (Russia) - 2017 World championship 1st place; 2018 European cup 2nd place

  • Doronina Ksenia (Russia) - 2019 Russian Championship 1st place; 2017 World Youth Championship IFK 1st place

Major Coach of the KWU team is Shihan David Pickthall 

Here are the draws in both divisions: