WFKO GRAND-PRIX RUSSIA - 2019 will be broadcast live

Dear friends, the online broadcast of the WFKO GRAND-PRIX RUSSIA - 2019 tournament in Suzdal will take place on the WFKO TV channel. The tournament starts at 18:00 Moscow time, 12th of October (Saturday)


Weight category up to 75 kg

Artem Nazaretyan

1st place World Championship;

1st place European Championship;

1st place Russian Championship

Daniel Redondo

1st place Open Britain (iFK) 2018;

1st place European Championship (KWU) 2018;

2nd place European Championship (Rengokai) 2019

WFKO belt holder


Weight category up to 80 kg

Kizov Andrey

1st place Russian Cup 2017;

1st place All-Russian Shihan Cup 2017;

1st place Championship of the Volga Federal District 2017

Madlala Anele

1st place So-Kyokushin 2016;

1st place Kyokushin-Kan Len Barnes Memorial Tournament 2017;

1st place AFCKO 2017;

1st place AFCKO 2018


Weight category up to 85 kg

Stanislav Mezhevtsov

1st place KWU World champion 2017;

2nd place Russian Championship;

3rd place Russian Cup

Miyahara Jo

3rd place World Cup (KWF) 2018;

1st place Kyokushin-kan (All Japan) 2018 *

1st place Karate Grand Prix (KWF) 2019

Holder of two WFKO belts