Armenian Cup 2019

On April 7, Kyokushin Karate Federation of Armenia headed by IFK BC Andranik Hakobyan held its annual "Armenian Cup" in Ashtarak city.


The prize winners of this championship will have an opportunity to take part in “Grand Prix” International Championship to be held in Yerevan on April 21.

IFK World Kata Championships 2019 announced

We are pleased to announce the IFK World Kata Championships will be held in Papendal, Netherlands, on the 27th April 2019.

This event will be for adult and U18 participants selected by their IFK Country Representatives.

All details will be loaded onto the event website shortly.

The IFK will also hold an International Seminar at the Papendal Sportscentre from 24th April - 26th April. This seminar is for all styles and not restricted to only IFK.

Seminar participants must be a minimum of 6th Kyu and 14 years old. Any U18 student who attends the camp with a responsible adult in charge.

1st Fight Night - IFK Brazil

The 1st IFK Fight Night held on April 14th was a real success !


First event of professional karate fights of the year, the evening featured several states of Brazil and different karate schools. With tough fights and several knockouts, we are already seeing the next edition.

IFK Brazil thanks everyone who participates in the event and hope we will be together to make professional full contact karate in Brazil.

IFK Russian Championships 2017 results

Results from Russian Championships IFK 2017

Male -70kg

1. Chmunevich Sergei

2. Mansurov Marsel

3. Tumashev Ivan

4. Miheev Artem

Male -80kg

1. Nazaretyan Artem

2. Mezhevtsov Stanislav

3. Bezrukov Aleksandr

4. Sorokopudov Aleksandr

Male -90kg

1. Ryadnov Igor

2. Kulgachev Aleksei

3. Lyalikov Artem

4. Pavlov Sergei

Male +90kg

1. Ishakhneli Vitaly

2. Karshigeev Aleksandr

3. Tilov Artur 

4. Veselov Maxim

Female -60kg

1. Efremova Anna

2. Artemova Rimma

3. Berezova Svetlana

4. Zhukovskya Maria

Female +60kg

1. Sabaeva Angelica

2. Panova Maria

3. Perminova Elizaveta

4. Popova Polina

UAE 1st IFK Cup 2017

UAE hosted the 1st IFK Cup at the Al Taneen Chinese Karate and Fitness centre in Sharjah. The event had participants from IFK, Shinkyokushin, Tezuka, Byakuren Karate and International Budokan Union.


Country Representative Shamseer CK had the assistance of Indian Representative Santanu Gangly in the running of the event which was the first of its kind in the region.

There was also the largest Martial Arts demonstration held in UAE with IFK participating.

IFK Russia success at Russian Open 2016

IFK Russia fighters were very successful at the Russia Open 2016 with Artem Nazaretyan taking 2nd place, Artur Tilov 3rd and Artem Lialikov 7th place. In the womens category Irina Kryazheva gained 2nd place.

Special awards went to Artem Nazaretyan for most spirit at 72kg he was one of the smallest in the competition. Arthur Tilov for best technique, Mariya Panova for most spirit and Marina Sobanina for best technique.

Full Results
1. Nazar Nasirov Shinkyokushin
2. Artem Nazaretyan IFK
3. Artur Tilov IFK
4. Vasily Samadurov Kyokushinkan
5. Kantemir Beslaneev Kyokushinkan
6. Ilia Yakovlev Kazakhstan Shinkyokushin
7. Artem Lialikov IFK
8. Emil Bitkash Kyokushinkan
1. Marina Sobanina St Petersburg
2. Irina Kryazheva IFK
3. Antonina Ismailova Shinkyokushin
4. Anna Vishniakova Shinkyokushin

The 26th Russian IFK Championship results

The 26th Russian IFK Championship was held in Moscow with 40 regions participating.

Mens Lightweight
1 Farid Kasumov (Kemerovo)
2 Marseille Mansurov (Sverdlovsk)
3 Maxim Voltov (Bryansk)

Mens Middleweight
1 Stanislav Mezhevtsov (Moscow)
2 Alexander Drozd (Leningrad)
3 Artem Maleev (Sverdlovsk)

Mens Heavyweight
1 Vitali Ishakneli (Yamburg)
2 Artur Tilov (Yamburg)
3 Nikolai Maslennikov (Moscow)

Womens Lightweight
1 Anna Efremova (Kirov)
2 Maria Lepina (Moscow)
3 Rima Artemova (Moscow Region)

Womens Heavyweight
1 Anzhelika Sabaeva (Moscow)
2 Maria Uzunyan (Saint Petersburg)
3 Maria Panova (Novosibirsk)


Turkish Open 2016 held in Anatalya

The Turkish Open was held from 18th to 20th March at the Kremlin Palace Hotel, Anatalya.

Over 600 participants took park in Kumite and Kata from all age groups to get selected for the Eurasia Cup 22-25 April at the same venue.

Thanks go to Isa Saglam and Ismail Yuldirim for organising the event and to the Turkish Wu Shu Federation for their support of the IFK Budokaido Kyokushin Organisation with both events.

IFK Champions at Kyokushinkan All Japan Tournament 2015

The IFK gained two champions at the Kyokushinkan All Japan Tournament held in Tokyo on 14th-15th November.

Vladislav Dybskii of Russia won the -65kg cadet category and Emma Markwell of Great Britain won the Women's Openweight title.



2nd KWU Kyokushin World Championships

The IFK is proud to announce the 2nd KWU Kyokushin World Championship among men and women weight categories will be held in Khabarovsk, Russia on 3-4th October, 2015.

Representatives of National Federations, who have passed national qualifying championships with calling in all interested Kyokushin groups in a particular country at age 18 years and above, with a style qualification not less than 4th kyu are able to participate in the World Championship.

The time and place of the National Qualifying championships are defined jointly by the representatives of the international organsations listed in the "Members" section on

Strong showing at the European Championships held in Borowitz, Bulgaria

IFK European Championship results (Adults) Junior results to follow.

Ladies LW
1st Emma Markwell IFK Great Britain
2nd Svetlana Berezova IFK Russia
3rd Juliia Lemikh IFK Russia
3rd Lisa Marie Heath IFK Great Britain

Mens LW
1st Farid Kasumov IFK Russia
2nd Marsel Mansurov IFK Russia
3rd Dawid Ozga IFK Great Britain
3rd Dimitar Dimitrov Kyokushinkan Bulgaria

Mens HW
1st Igor Riadnov IFK Russia
2nd Evgeni Diachenko IFK Russia
3rd Farshad Shahyari IFK Iran
3rd Aleksandar Yordanov Kyokushinkan Bulgaria

Fastest KO Farshad Shahyari 3 seconds

Ladies HW
1st Svetlana Tuchkova IFK Russia
2nd Aneta Meskauskiene IFK Ireland
3rd Samantha Williams IFK Great Britain
3rd Mariya Panova IFK Russia

Mens MW
1st Arrem Nazaretyran IFK Russia
2nd Sergey Chmenevich IFK Russia
3rd Emad Nasiri IFK Iran
3rd Ruslan Gladnov IFK Bulgaria

Mens SHW
1st Nikolai Maslennikov IFK Russia
2nd Artur Tilov IFK Russia
3rd Jan Van Beek IFK Holland
3rd Daniel Degroote IFK France


USA-IFKK Knockdown Title Champions

The 2014 American International Karate champioships were held in Rochester, NY on the 20th September.  World Champions from IFK Russia attended and gained strong wins in the Heavy and Superheavy weight Men's titles.

Title belts were awarded to all champions and invited to return to defend their titles.

Men’s Lightweight Novice

1st     Jose Balardo, Oklahoma City, OK, USA

2nd Chris Smith, Rochester, NY, USA

3rd  Alex Paoli, Florence, KY, USA


Women’s Lightweight

1st   Myriam El Harrif, St. Jean, QC, Canada

2nd Bovin Anick, Montreal, Canada


Women’s Middleweight

1st     Jordan LeRoux, Gauteng, South Africa

2nd Gabriella Cayouetta, Pierrefends, QC, Canada


Women’s Heavyweight

1st    Jackie Porter, Hilton, NY, USA

2nd Audrey-Rose Charlebois, Pierrefends, QC, Canada

3rd Melissa Cousineau, St. Jean, QC, Canada

3rd Samantha Marrocco, Hamlin, NY, USA


Men’s Lightweight

1st    Ehsan Afshari, Meza, AZ, USA

2nd Benjamin Vasquez, Geneva, NY, USA


Men’s Middleweight

1st   Samuel Bate, Becconsfield, QC, Canada

2nd Lorinc Zord, Greenwood, NY, USA

3rd Christopher Farhat, Columbus, OH, USA


Men’s Heavyweight

1st   Dmitry Savelyev,St. Petersburg, Russia

2nd Michael Cordeiro, Pierrefends, QC, Canada


Men’s Super Heavyweight

1st   Aleksei Gorokhov, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

2nd Kamil Maras, Hazlet, NJ, USA

IFK Greece to host U21 World Tournament in 2015

Due to the instability in the region the IFK, following discussions IFK Israel Country Representative Shihan Itzik Ashkenazi, have decided it is in the best interests of the event we move the U21 World Tournament to an alternative venue. 

Fortunately two countries IFK Greece and IFK Romania proposed to take on this event and after careful consideration Greece has been selected to host the event.

Country Representative Sensei Stefanos Tranidis has set up an event team and they are busy preparing a website and all related information. The event will still be on the 21st March 2015 at the Micra Sports Centre in Thessaloniki, Greece. The official hotel will be the Nikopolis. The same regulations will apply for this event except that IFK Israel and IFK Greece will get host nation entry quota of double participants.

We hope to have all information circulated by mid October.

Hanshi thanks Shihan Itzik and his team for all the hard work prior to this change.