IFK Fighters take places at the 3rd All Russian Championship results

On May 31st 2014, Moscow hosted the 3rd Absolute Championship of Russia Kyokushinkai among men and women.

IFK fighters took coveted places Maria Panova from Novosibirisk gaining 2nd Place and Marina Sobania of St Petersburg 3rd place in the womens division.   Maxim Veselov of St Petersburg took 5th Place and Artur Tilov from Yamburg to 7th Place.

In the final match teammates David Sarhoshyan and Ivan Mezencev (both non-IFK) met.

Both women in the final are world champions making for an exciting match-up with Ulyana Greenschikova beating Maria Panova.

Click here for more pictures courtesy of Kyokushin Karate Club Cayman from St Petersburg



1 David Sarhoshyan
2 Ivan Mezencev
3 Basil Samodurov
4 Yaroslav Stanislavenko
5 Maxim Veselov IFK
6 Andrey Vidyulin
7 Artur Tilov IFK
8 Andrei Kolosov


1 Ulyana Greenschikova
2 Maria Panova IFK
3 Marina Sobanina IFK
4 Anna Vishnjakova

Tameshiwari Ivan Mezencev 19 boards
Best Technique Ivan Mezencev
Fighting Spirit Andrei Kolosov