IFK Kyokushin European Open Championship - Team medals

The IFK held the European Tournament

among children, youths and juniors, men and women in weight categories on 7-8 April, in Yerevan, Armenia, at “MIKA” sports complex. The organisers and hosts were The Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Armenia, and Armenian Kyokushin Karate Federation.


IFK Kyokushin European Open Championship 2018 - Results

The IFK held the European Tournament

among children, youths and juniors, men and women in weight categories on 7-8 April, in Yerevan, Armenia, at “MIKA” sports complex. The organisers and hosts were The Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Armenia, and Armenian Kyokushin Karate Federation.

Results MEN & WOMEN division

Women -60Kg

1. Ekaterina Shemina (Russia)
2. Emma Markwell (Great Britain)
3. Irina Valieva (Russia)
3. Anastasia Shvydun (Russia)

Women +60Kg

1. Anna Vishnyakova (Russia)
2. Aneta Meskauskiene (Ireland)
3. Anna Ulybina (Russia)
3. Kristina Golovanova (Russia)

Men -70Kg

1. Omar Magomedov (Russia)
2. Dmitry Rodichkin (Russia)
3. Daniel Redondo cardoso (Spain)
3. Ivan Tumashev (Russia)

Men 70-80Kg

1. Artem Nazaretyan (Russia)
2. Emelian Bitkash (Russia)
3. Shamil Ramazanov (Russia)
3. Narek Aboyan (Armenia)

Men 80-90Kg

1. Jonas Rosin (Sweden)
2. Hovhannes Sargsyan (Armenia)
3. Artem Lyalikov (Russia)
3. David Bitkash (Russia)

Men +90Kg

1. Vitaliy Ishakhneli (Russia)
2. Dmitrii Solovev (Russia)
3. Aleksandr Karshigeev (Russia)
3. Stanislav Stepankov (Russia)


IFK Belarus Spring Seminar, and Budo Festival

IFK Belarus hosted their spring seminar with Shihan David Pickthall and conducted a Budo Festival in the city of Brest.

Over one thousand students took part over the three day seminar focusing on kihon, kata and kumite sessions. 

The Budo Festival was managed by Country Representative Dmitry Alehnovich who had seven hundred participants in their mass demonstration. The event also feature many of the different arts in the region and the Police and Army did combat demos with Kyokushin instructors.

Shihan Eddy Gabathuler was also a guest along with Country reps Shihan Oleg Sereda (Ukraine) and Sensei Dariusz Struski (Poland). Shihan Franz Slavinsky was their representing Russia and Vladimirs Talapins (Latvia)., including students form these countries at the seminar.

IFK Russian Championships 2017 results

Results from Russian Championships IFK 2017

Male -70kg

1. Chmunevich Sergei

2. Mansurov Marsel

3. Tumashev Ivan

4. Miheev Artem

Male -80kg

1. Nazaretyan Artem

2. Mezhevtsov Stanislav

3. Bezrukov Aleksandr

4. Sorokopudov Aleksandr

Male -90kg

1. Ryadnov Igor

2. Kulgachev Aleksei

3. Lyalikov Artem

4. Pavlov Sergei

Male +90kg

1. Ishakhneli Vitaly

2. Karshigeev Aleksandr

3. Tilov Artur 

4. Veselov Maxim

Female -60kg

1. Efremova Anna

2. Artemova Rimma

3. Berezova Svetlana

4. Zhukovskya Maria

Female +60kg

1. Sabaeva Angelica

2. Panova Maria

3. Perminova Elizaveta

4. Popova Polina

Polish Winter Camp 2017 with Shihan Alexei Gorokhov

The Polish Winter Camp took place in Luneia from 17th to 19th February. Shihan Alexei Gorokhov was the instructor for the fighting camp, which was attended by about 50 Karatekas from Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Switzerland. Organisations: IFK and Shinkyokushin

Country Representative Sensei Dariusz Struski was joined by Swiss Representative and IFK Board member Shihan Eddy Gabathuler and Belarus Country rep Dmitry Alechnovich in participating in this camp.

New Dan Grades for IFK Russia

Congratulations to Moscow karatekas with assigning their higher dan degrees!

International Federation decision Karate (IFK) assigned new Dan degrees:
5th Dan
Khimichenko Andrei Andreyevich, Executive director of the Federation of Kyokushin Russia;
Shaposhnikov Dmitry Sergeyevich, the regional representative of the Federation of Kyokushin Russia in Moscow.
4th Dan
Bakhtin Boris Ivanovich , the coach of the Moscow Federation of Kyokushin.

IFK Russia success at Russian Open 2016

IFK Russia fighters were very successful at the Russia Open 2016 with Artem Nazaretyan taking 2nd place, Artur Tilov 3rd and Artem Lialikov 7th place. In the womens category Irina Kryazheva gained 2nd place.

Special awards went to Artem Nazaretyan for most spirit at 72kg he was one of the smallest in the competition. Arthur Tilov for best technique, Mariya Panova for most spirit and Marina Sobanina for best technique.

Full Results
1. Nazar Nasirov Shinkyokushin
2. Artem Nazaretyan IFK
3. Artur Tilov IFK
4. Vasily Samadurov Kyokushinkan
5. Kantemir Beslaneev Kyokushinkan
6. Ilia Yakovlev Kazakhstan Shinkyokushin
7. Artem Lialikov IFK
8. Emil Bitkash Kyokushinkan
1. Marina Sobanina St Petersburg
2. Irina Kryazheva IFK
3. Antonina Ismailova Shinkyokushin
4. Anna Vishniakova Shinkyokushin

The 26th Russian IFK Championship results

The 26th Russian IFK Championship was held in Moscow with 40 regions participating.

Mens Lightweight
1 Farid Kasumov (Kemerovo)
2 Marseille Mansurov (Sverdlovsk)
3 Maxim Voltov (Bryansk)

Mens Middleweight
1 Stanislav Mezhevtsov (Moscow)
2 Alexander Drozd (Leningrad)
3 Artem Maleev (Sverdlovsk)

Mens Heavyweight
1 Vitali Ishakneli (Yamburg)
2 Artur Tilov (Yamburg)
3 Nikolai Maslennikov (Moscow)

Womens Lightweight
1 Anna Efremova (Kirov)
2 Maria Lepina (Moscow)
3 Rima Artemova (Moscow Region)

Womens Heavyweight
1 Anzhelika Sabaeva (Moscow)
2 Maria Uzunyan (Saint Petersburg)
3 Maria Panova (Novosibirsk)


IFK Champions at Kyokushinkan All Japan Tournament 2015

The IFK gained two champions at the Kyokushinkan All Japan Tournament held in Tokyo on 14th-15th November.

Vladislav Dybskii of Russia won the -65kg cadet category and Emma Markwell of Great Britain won the Women's Openweight title.



Strong showing at the European Championships held in Borowitz, Bulgaria

IFK European Championship results (Adults) Junior results to follow.

Ladies LW
1st Emma Markwell IFK Great Britain
2nd Svetlana Berezova IFK Russia
3rd Juliia Lemikh IFK Russia
3rd Lisa Marie Heath IFK Great Britain

Mens LW
1st Farid Kasumov IFK Russia
2nd Marsel Mansurov IFK Russia
3rd Dawid Ozga IFK Great Britain
3rd Dimitar Dimitrov Kyokushinkan Bulgaria

Mens HW
1st Igor Riadnov IFK Russia
2nd Evgeni Diachenko IFK Russia
3rd Farshad Shahyari IFK Iran
3rd Aleksandar Yordanov Kyokushinkan Bulgaria

Fastest KO Farshad Shahyari 3 seconds

Ladies HW
1st Svetlana Tuchkova IFK Russia
2nd Aneta Meskauskiene IFK Ireland
3rd Samantha Williams IFK Great Britain
3rd Mariya Panova IFK Russia

Mens MW
1st Arrem Nazaretyran IFK Russia
2nd Sergey Chmenevich IFK Russia
3rd Emad Nasiri IFK Iran
3rd Ruslan Gladnov IFK Bulgaria

Mens SHW
1st Nikolai Maslennikov IFK Russia
2nd Artur Tilov IFK Russia
3rd Jan Van Beek IFK Holland
3rd Daniel Degroote IFK France


Inter Regional "Bushido Mon" Summer Camp 2014 - Russia

On the 25th June – 2nd July on the “Komponent” base near Moscow there was held Inter-regional “Bushido Mon” Summer Camp with Shihan Victor Fomin (VI Dan), assistant instructor– Sensei Yulia Tseytlina (IV Dan).

There were 70 participants from Moscow (sport clubs “Bushido Mon”, “Severny”, “Shiroi Tora”, “Bercut”, “Delta”, “Lefortovo”),Moscow region (Podolsk, Schelkovo), Tula, Gai (Orenburg region), Shihany(Saratov region). The Guest of Honour was Shihan Eddy Gabathuler (Country Representative of Switzerland, VI Dan) with his student Andreas Janka (2nd kyu).

8 hours a day training was concentrated on Budo karate – detailed learning of the IFK Syllabus combined with self-defense. The last one included bare hands and weapons training: Bo, Knife, Jawara with Shihan Victor Fomin and Tonfa with Shihan Eddy Gabathuler. Sayonara training session was traditionally dedicated to sword tameshigiri.

IFK Fighters take places at the 3rd All Russian Championship results

On May 31st 2014, Moscow hosted the 3rd Absolute Championship of Russia Kyokushinkai among men and women.

IFK fighters took coveted places Maria Panova from Novosibirisk gaining 2nd Place and Marina Sobania of St Petersburg 3rd place in the womens division.   Maxim Veselov of St Petersburg took 5th Place and Artur Tilov from Yamburg to 7th Place.

In the final match teammates David Sarhoshyan and Ivan Mezencev (both non-IFK) met.

Both women in the final are world champions making for an exciting match-up with Ulyana Greenschikova beating Maria Panova.

Click here for more pictures courtesy of Kyokushin Karate Club Cayman from St Petersburg



1 David Sarhoshyan
2 Ivan Mezencev
3 Basil Samodurov
4 Yaroslav Stanislavenko
5 Maxim Veselov IFK
6 Andrey Vidyulin
7 Artur Tilov IFK
8 Andrei Kolosov


1 Ulyana Greenschikova
2 Maria Panova IFK
3 Marina Sobanina IFK
4 Anna Vishnjakova

Tameshiwari Ivan Mezencev 19 boards
Best Technique Ivan Mezencev
Fighting Spirit Andrei Kolosov

Yamburg Cup sponsored by Gazprom shows strong line-up

15 countries travelled to Novy Urengoy City, Russia to battle it out for the Yamburg Cup.

Participating countries included Abkhazia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Lebanon, Hungary, Great Britain, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.



Under 70kg

1. Moisseyev Dmitriy (Kazakhstan)

2. Tomilov Alexander (Russia)

3. Solomennikov Evgeniy (Russia)

4. Adushkevich Anton (Russia)

Over 80kg

1. Ishakhnely Vitaly (Russia)

2. Tilov Artur (Russia)

3. Karshigeev Alexander (Russia)

4. Sikorski Dzmitry (Belarus)


Under 80kg

1. Chepkasov Denis (Russia)

2. Rafaelyan Araik (Armenia)

3. Chuchkov Uriy (Russia)

4. Borisov Andrey (Russia)

TAMESHIWARI AWARD: Tilov Artur (Russia)

BEST TECHNIQUE: Redondo Cardoso (Spain)

FASTEST KO: Rafaelyan Araik (Armenia)

SPECIAL PRIZES: Lezcano Montoya (Spain), Ntumazah Felix (Great Britain)

BEST JUDGE: Kevin Van Den Boor (Netherlands)