Karate into the Olympics, and how it affects the KWU

The following is an extract of an article from KWU General Secretary, Sergey Suvorov, commenting on the inclusion of karate into the 2020 Olympics, discusses the prospect of KWU in this process.

Everyone knows that World Karate Federation WKF was repeatedly storming Olympic leadership for inclusion of karate in the programme of the Olympic Games and now, finally, the dream of the millions of karatekas all over the world came true and this kind of sports will be represented at the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020 year. I’d like to note immediately that this refers now only to the participation in Tokyo Olympics. There 4 more such sports as karate. This is the novation of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and it deals with the reformatory strategy of the new IOC leadership and personally with the president Tomas Bach. Indeed, according to the Olympic Charter (in essence the charter of IOC) rotation of sports for every Olympics follows the principle one in – one out (one enters and another one exits the programme of the Olympic Games).However, the Olympic Session as the supreme authority has the right to solve any questions, which deal with development of Olympic movement, which was decided after the Olympic Games in Sochi-2014.  Therefore, for participation in the programme of Games 2024 WKF will have to go through the difficult voting procedure again under the condition that the country-holder of the Olympic Games will nominate this kind of sports. 

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Country representative changes to Armenia, Bolivia, Italy and Sri Lanka

The IFK wish to announce some changes within Country Representative roles.

We are pleased to announce Mr Andranik Hakobyan as the new representative of IFK Armenia, taking over from Mr Minas Pogosyan.

Mr Sajith Lakmal Wellalage is the new representative of IFK Sri Lanka.

IFK Italy representative, Andrea Stoppa, has stepped down from the IFK; we are in the process of appointing a replacement.

Lastly, we are pleased to announce Bolivia has joined the IFK with Mr Abel Herrada taking the role of country representative.

Mr Andranik Hakobyan - IFK Armenia

Mr Andranik Hakobyan - IFK Armenia

Mr Sajith Lakmal Wellalage - IFK Sri Lanka

Mr Sajith Lakmal Wellalage - IFK Sri Lanka

Mr Abel Herrada

Mr Abel Herrada

Turkish Open 2016 held in Anatalya

The Turkish Open was held from 18th to 20th March at the Kremlin Palace Hotel, Anatalya.

Over 600 participants took park in Kumite and Kata from all age groups to get selected for the Eurasia Cup 22-25 April at the same venue.

Thanks go to Isa Saglam and Ismail Yuldirim for organising the event and to the Turkish Wu Shu Federation for their support of the IFK Budokaido Kyokushin Organisation with both events.

Weekend seminar in Sarnen, Switzerland with Shihan David Pickthall and Klaus Ming

Shihan Klaus Ming and the Obwalden dojo arranged a weekend seminar in Sarnen under the instruction of Shihan David Pickthall.
145 karateka including 44 black belts from 16 IFK dojo's and 3 Shinkyokushin dojos participated in sessions focusing on Kumite and Kata.

Kazakhstan Winter Camp 2016

IFK Kazakhstan held their winter camp this year at Almaty. under the guidance of Shihan David Pickthall.

Organised by country rep Sensei Igor Shipilov and area representative Sensei Sergey Radchenko, there was attendance of students from Kazakhstan, Russia and Kyrgyzstan focusing on different aspects of Kihon and Kata.

IFK Australia Summer Camp 2016

IFK – Australia Summer Camp Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th January 2016

We had a great time at the recent IFK-Australia Summer Camp with Shihan David Pickthall from the UK taking 3 days of great karate. Covering areas of Kihon, Kata and Kumite, with around 60 people attending the camp over the 3 days. 

What a treat to train with such a talented and inspirational Karateka such as Shihan David Pickthall. Again the highlight of the camp was the beach session on the Sunday morning we all had a lot of fun.

Again it is great to see other Kyokushin Organisations supporting this event, thank you to Sensei Daniel Trifu from (KWF) AFK, Sensei Graeme Rose “Rengokai”, Sensei Daniel Langworthy and Shihan Trevor Trainer and for bringing along your students. As we are all working towards a United Kyokushin! Osu and thank you for your support.

 Can’t wait for the camp again next year, OSU!”

The Formation of IFK South America

ifk south america gi.jpg

The country representatives of region formed the IFK South American Committee with the aim to develop the IFK Kumite, Kata and Clicker events. The participants were Mr. Jeovaldo Barreto (IFK Brazil), with his assistant, Sensei Felipe Canal; Sensei Germán Carballo (IFK Uruguay) and Shihan Julio Romero from IFK Argentina.

Reunion Islands, Serbia and Brasil join the IFK...

The IFK are pleased to announce three (3) new country representatives, as we welcome Christian Nugent of the Reunion Islands, Slavko Simonovic of Serbia and Jeovaldo Pereira Barretto of Brasil.

See Country Representatives for contact details