Uruguay Summer Camp 2017 with Shihan David Pickthall

The 6th Uruguay Summer Camp was held in Salinas Montevideo from the 10th-12th March under the instruction of Shihan David Pickthall. 

Participants from all the Uruguayan dojos attended along with the Country Representatives of Brazil Jeovaldo Barreto and Chile German Caru. Also in attendance was the VP of IFK Canada Jonathan Hemond and Planning committee member Pascal Hemond. Several students from these countries participated and it was good to see former Brazilian Champion and participant from the 5th World Tournament Shihan Luiz Feitoza train in the seminar. Its been 26 years since Shihan Pickthall and Feitoza fought in Japan together and the Brazilian fighters are certainly fortunate to have Shihan Luiz prepare them for our upcoming World Tournament in Romania.

The camp featured sessions in all aspects of the IFK and finished with a dan test for the Chile participants.

Thanks must go to Sensei German Carballo for organising such a good camp with his team of Noelia Carballo, Rocio Gonzalez, Santiago Mosco and Claudia Lopez.

2016 IFK Canada Seminar

Report courtesy of IFK Canada

This past weekend was the IFK Canada Seminar, with Shihan David Pickthall 6th Dan  vice-president of IFK. This was the second seminar hosted by IFK Canada, this time by our affiliate dojo in Quebec, Karaté Laval, under Senseï Jonathan Hemond 3rd Dan.

Shihan Pickthall is an amazing technician and such an inspiring teacher. Approaching his teaching with humor and giving us a clear understanding of the techniques. He made each class engaging and enthusiastic, you could feel the energy in the space. If you ever have the chance, we would highly recommend participating in one of Shihan Pickthaill's seminars.

On top of that, we were surrounded by many black belts, not only from the IFK, but other organizations as well. As it was an open seminar, and attendance was just over 100. IFK, Shinkyokushin, Kyokushin-kan , So-Kyokushin , Kanreikai and others all working together.

Classes focused on kihon, kumite drills, applications and sparring, as well on fitness and conditioning.

After Saturday evening’s training we attended the Sayonara Party for food, drinks and laughs. Meeting and getting to know our extended family.

During the closing class Sensei Steve Fogarasi talked about the growth of the IFK in Canada, and the openness of the organization. As mentioned, many different organizations were represented. It is so wonderful to belong to such a great nonpartisan organization.

Another highlight included the news that two more dojos will be joining IFK Canada from Quebec. Sensei Mikhail Zimmerman and Sempaï Marc Cabana with their dojos and students.

The IFK is growing fast and strong in Canada under the leadership of Sensei Fogarasi and all our IFK Canada black belts.

We want to thank Shihan David Pickthall for an amazing seminar, all students, sempais, senseis and shihans for sharing your knowledge. As well, thank you to Senseï Jonathan Hemond and Karaté Laval for organizing everything.

We look forward to next year when we have our annual summer camp and seeing how much we have grown. 

Osu !

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The 1st Full Contact Karate Camp - history in the making

The 1st Full Contact Karate Camp, open to all participants of contact karate, was held in Ostende Belgium 5-7 June, and organised by Shihan Keon Spitaels and Shihan Gilbert Cleveringa of WKO Shinkyokushin.

The Camp had over 400 karateka from 19 different countries and was supported by the IFK from Poland, Ireland, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, UK and Belgium.


The Camp instructors were:

Shihan Kenji Midori - President WKO Shinkyokushin

Shihan David Pickthall - Vice President IFK

Shihan Dave Jonkers - Head of AIKO Ashihara

Shihan Koen Spitaels - Belgium WKO Representative

Shihan Jan Bulow - Danish WKO Representative

Shihan Semmy Schilt - multi time K-1 Champion AIKO Ashihara

Sensei Jonathan Tineo - multi time Champion Spanish All Japan Union (Rengokai)

Shihan Lu Eekhaut - Belgium All Japan Union Representative

Shihan Gilbert Cleveringa - Dutch WKO Representative

Shihan Jesus Talan - Spanish WKO Representative

Remigiusz Kapinski - Polish WKO Representative

Many other Shihans were in attendance including IFK Swiss CR Shihan Eddy Gabathuler, Shihan Koi and Sensei Watanabe from Japan, EKO President Shihan Koen Scharrenburg and the grading panel of EKO Shinkyokushin.