IFK Poland 23rd Winter Camp held on 16th to 18th February

IFK Poland held their 23rd Winter Camp with Vice President Shihan David Pickthall with Country Rep Sensei Dariusz Struski from the 16-18 February in Rzeszow.


Karateka from Poland IFK and Shinkyokushin and also visitors from Israel and Belarus took part in the camp that focused on all elements for the IFK. Thanks go to Sensei Jan Wac for organising the event

IFK Belarus Spring Seminar, and Budo Festival

IFK Belarus hosted their spring seminar with Shihan David Pickthall and conducted a Budo Festival in the city of Brest.

Over one thousand students took part over the three day seminar focusing on kihon, kata and kumite sessions. 

The Budo Festival was managed by Country Representative Dmitry Alehnovich who had seven hundred participants in their mass demonstration. The event also feature many of the different arts in the region and the Police and Army did combat demos with Kyokushin instructors.

Shihan Eddy Gabathuler was also a guest along with Country reps Shihan Oleg Sereda (Ukraine) and Sensei Dariusz Struski (Poland). Shihan Franz Slavinsky was their representing Russia and Vladimirs Talapins (Latvia)., including students form these countries at the seminar.

Polish Winter Camp 2017 with Shihan Alexei Gorokhov

The Polish Winter Camp took place in Luneia from 17th to 19th February. Shihan Alexei Gorokhov was the instructor for the fighting camp, which was attended by about 50 Karatekas from Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Switzerland. Organisations: IFK and Shinkyokushin

Country Representative Sensei Dariusz Struski was joined by Swiss Representative and IFK Board member Shihan Eddy Gabathuler and Belarus Country rep Dmitry Alechnovich in participating in this camp.

The 1st Full Contact Karate Camp - history in the making

The 1st Full Contact Karate Camp, open to all participants of contact karate, was held in Ostende Belgium 5-7 June, and organised by Shihan Keon Spitaels and Shihan Gilbert Cleveringa of WKO Shinkyokushin.

The Camp had over 400 karateka from 19 different countries and was supported by the IFK from Poland, Ireland, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, UK and Belgium.


The Camp instructors were:

Shihan Kenji Midori - President WKO Shinkyokushin

Shihan David Pickthall - Vice President IFK

Shihan Dave Jonkers - Head of AIKO Ashihara

Shihan Koen Spitaels - Belgium WKO Representative

Shihan Jan Bulow - Danish WKO Representative

Shihan Semmy Schilt - multi time K-1 Champion AIKO Ashihara

Sensei Jonathan Tineo - multi time Champion Spanish All Japan Union (Rengokai)

Shihan Lu Eekhaut - Belgium All Japan Union Representative

Shihan Gilbert Cleveringa - Dutch WKO Representative

Shihan Jesus Talan - Spanish WKO Representative

Remigiusz Kapinski - Polish WKO Representative

Many other Shihans were in attendance including IFK Swiss CR Shihan Eddy Gabathuler, Shihan Koi and Sensei Watanabe from Japan, EKO President Shihan Koen Scharrenburg and the grading panel of EKO Shinkyokushin.