IFK World Kata Championships 2019 announced

We are pleased to announce the IFK World Kata Championships will be held in Papendal, Netherlands, on the 27th April 2019.

This event will be for adult and U18 participants selected by their IFK Country Representatives.

All details will be loaded onto the event website shortly.

The IFK will also hold an International Seminar at the Papendal Sportscentre from 24th April - 26th April. This seminar is for all styles and not restricted to only IFK.

Seminar participants must be a minimum of 6th Kyu and 14 years old. Any U18 student who attends the camp with a responsible adult in charge.

Shihan Koos van Berkel

On behalf of the IFK Executive Board I would like to express our sadness of the news that Shihan Koos van Berkel has passed away.

Shihan Koos started his journey in Kyokushinkai Karate in the early sixties. He was a Country Representative for the IFK in the Netherlands for many years and was deeply respected by martial artists around the globe.

I would like to offer my heartfelt condolences to the family of Shihan Koos.

Hanshi Steve Arneil

President IFK Kyokushin

2nd Unified Dutch Open (2017) - great results for IFK Nederland

On June 10th 2017 IFK Nederland scored big at the Unified Dutch Full Contact Karate Championships that saw participants from almost all major Kyokushin and related organizations (13) and several non-associated dojos. In total 236 participants stepped onto the tatami.

In the adult divisions, IFK Nederland took home 7 podium places (out of a total of 18) three 1st places, three 2nd places and one 3rd place. In the under 18 categories participants from IFK Nederland took home 25 podium places.

 IFK Nederland results:


3rd: Kim van Eijk, Nintai Dojo

2nd: Hilde Wilborts, Noristu Dojo

1st: Chelsea Kerklaan, Nintai Dojo

1st: Kelvin Tienstra, Bushido Dojo
2nd: Ferry Wortman, Sushiho Dojo

1st: Jan van Beek, Noritsu Dojo

2nd: Michel Meuldijk, Sushiho Dojo

Under 18:

Girls 7-8 years
2nd Elise Zeggelaar Sushiho

Girls 9-10 years, class 1
1st Angel Spaans, Da Graca

Girls 9-10 years, class 2
1st Aimee Ancher, Sushiho

Girls 11-12 years, class 1
1st Lyanne Huisman, Sushiho
2nd Megan Pronk, Sushiho
3rd Megan Smits, Sushiho

Girls 11-12 years, class 2
2nd Mariëly Landburg, Nintai

Girls 13-14 years
1st Iraisha Madaran , Da Graca
3rd Liv Kroon, Sushiho

Girls 15-16 years, class 1
2nd Mischa Kruze, Sushiho
3rd Nikki Koster, Sushiho

Girls 15-16 years, class 2
1st Saba Tjong A Tjoe , Da Graca
2nd Kayleigh de Geus, Sushiho

 Boys 9-10 years
1st Jayden de Geus, Sushiho

Boys 11-12 years, class 1
1st Kenley ter Braak, Sushiho
2nd Rechano Chedi, Sushiho

Boys 11-12 years, class 2
1st Djayman van de Voort , Sushiho
2nd Siyar Adanc, Nintai
3rd Krshan Gonesh , Nintai

Boys 13-14 years, class 1
3rd Sem van Luin, Sushiho

Boys 13-14 years, class 2
1st Ferry Hardeman, Bushido

Boys 15-16 years, class 1
1st Sergio Stoop, Bushido
3rd Manuel Ridder , Sandokai

Boys 15-16 years, class 2
2nd Ezra Koopmans, Bushido

Boys 17 years
1st Damian Pronk, Sushiho

The 1st Full Contact Karate Camp - history in the making

The 1st Full Contact Karate Camp, open to all participants of contact karate, was held in Ostende Belgium 5-7 June, and organised by Shihan Keon Spitaels and Shihan Gilbert Cleveringa of WKO Shinkyokushin.

The Camp had over 400 karateka from 19 different countries and was supported by the IFK from Poland, Ireland, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, UK and Belgium.


The Camp instructors were:

Shihan Kenji Midori - President WKO Shinkyokushin

Shihan David Pickthall - Vice President IFK

Shihan Dave Jonkers - Head of AIKO Ashihara

Shihan Koen Spitaels - Belgium WKO Representative

Shihan Jan Bulow - Danish WKO Representative

Shihan Semmy Schilt - multi time K-1 Champion AIKO Ashihara

Sensei Jonathan Tineo - multi time Champion Spanish All Japan Union (Rengokai)

Shihan Lu Eekhaut - Belgium All Japan Union Representative

Shihan Gilbert Cleveringa - Dutch WKO Representative

Shihan Jesus Talan - Spanish WKO Representative

Remigiusz Kapinski - Polish WKO Representative

Many other Shihans were in attendance including IFK Swiss CR Shihan Eddy Gabathuler, Shihan Koi and Sensei Watanabe from Japan, EKO President Shihan Koen Scharrenburg and the grading panel of EKO Shinkyokushin.



Strong showing at the European Championships held in Borowitz, Bulgaria

IFK European Championship results (Adults) Junior results to follow.

Ladies LW
1st Emma Markwell IFK Great Britain
2nd Svetlana Berezova IFK Russia
3rd Juliia Lemikh IFK Russia
3rd Lisa Marie Heath IFK Great Britain

Mens LW
1st Farid Kasumov IFK Russia
2nd Marsel Mansurov IFK Russia
3rd Dawid Ozga IFK Great Britain
3rd Dimitar Dimitrov Kyokushinkan Bulgaria

Mens HW
1st Igor Riadnov IFK Russia
2nd Evgeni Diachenko IFK Russia
3rd Farshad Shahyari IFK Iran
3rd Aleksandar Yordanov Kyokushinkan Bulgaria

Fastest KO Farshad Shahyari 3 seconds

Ladies HW
1st Svetlana Tuchkova IFK Russia
2nd Aneta Meskauskiene IFK Ireland
3rd Samantha Williams IFK Great Britain
3rd Mariya Panova IFK Russia

Mens MW
1st Arrem Nazaretyran IFK Russia
2nd Sergey Chmenevich IFK Russia
3rd Emad Nasiri IFK Iran
3rd Ruslan Gladnov IFK Bulgaria

Mens SHW
1st Nikolai Maslennikov IFK Russia
2nd Artur Tilov IFK Russia
3rd Jan Van Beek IFK Holland
3rd Daniel Degroote IFK France