A successful 3rd IFK World Black Belt Seminar - family from all across the globe

The 3rd IFK World Black Belt Seminar took place between 27th April and 1st May at the famous Papendal Olympic Sports Centre in the Netherlands.

Hanshi Steve Arneil along with his instructors Shihan's David Pickthall, Liam Keaveney, Alexander Taniushkin, Eddy Gabathuler, Janine Davies, Victor Fomin and Alexey Gorokhov hosted sessions on Kihon, Kata, Kumite and Weapons along with guest classes in BJJ and Krav Maga.  Additionally, special guest instructor Shihan Semmy Schilt joined the group.

175 black belts from 21 countries participated with a final-day "kyu grade" open day.

Countries included:
Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Israel, Iran, the Netherlands, Nepal, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Uruguay, USA.

The IFK want to thank the organising team led by Sensei Kevin van der Boor who have done a tremendous job to make this event run smoothly.

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World Black Belt Seminar, April 30th 2016, Papendal Holland

Weekend seminar in Sarnen, Switzerland with Shihan David Pickthall and Klaus Ming

Shihan Klaus Ming and the Obwalden dojo arranged a weekend seminar in Sarnen under the instruction of Shihan David Pickthall.
145 karateka including 44 black belts from 16 IFK dojo's and 3 Shinkyokushin dojos participated in sessions focusing on Kumite and Kata.

IFK Australia Summer Camp 2016

IFK – Australia Summer Camp Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th January 2016

We had a great time at the recent IFK-Australia Summer Camp with Shihan David Pickthall from the UK taking 3 days of great karate. Covering areas of Kihon, Kata and Kumite, with around 60 people attending the camp over the 3 days. 

What a treat to train with such a talented and inspirational Karateka such as Shihan David Pickthall. Again the highlight of the camp was the beach session on the Sunday morning we all had a lot of fun.

Again it is great to see other Kyokushin Organisations supporting this event, thank you to Sensei Daniel Trifu from (KWF) AFK, Sensei Graeme Rose “Rengokai”, Sensei Daniel Langworthy and Shihan Trevor Trainer and for bringing along your students. As we are all working towards a United Kyokushin! Osu and thank you for your support.

 Can’t wait for the camp again next year, OSU!”

The 1st Full Contact Karate Camp - history in the making

The 1st Full Contact Karate Camp, open to all participants of contact karate, was held in Ostende Belgium 5-7 June, and organised by Shihan Keon Spitaels and Shihan Gilbert Cleveringa of WKO Shinkyokushin.

The Camp had over 400 karateka from 19 different countries and was supported by the IFK from Poland, Ireland, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, UK and Belgium.


The Camp instructors were:

Shihan Kenji Midori - President WKO Shinkyokushin

Shihan David Pickthall - Vice President IFK

Shihan Dave Jonkers - Head of AIKO Ashihara

Shihan Koen Spitaels - Belgium WKO Representative

Shihan Jan Bulow - Danish WKO Representative

Shihan Semmy Schilt - multi time K-1 Champion AIKO Ashihara

Sensei Jonathan Tineo - multi time Champion Spanish All Japan Union (Rengokai)

Shihan Lu Eekhaut - Belgium All Japan Union Representative

Shihan Gilbert Cleveringa - Dutch WKO Representative

Shihan Jesus Talan - Spanish WKO Representative

Remigiusz Kapinski - Polish WKO Representative

Many other Shihans were in attendance including IFK Swiss CR Shihan Eddy Gabathuler, Shihan Koi and Sensei Watanabe from Japan, EKO President Shihan Koen Scharrenburg and the grading panel of EKO Shinkyokushin.



Australian Summer Camp with Shihan Pickthall

The IFK Australia hosted their Summer Camp in Sydney from 23rd-25th January under the guidance of Shihan David Pickthall.  There were 10 sessions covering aspects of the IFK Syllabus, Kata and Kumite plus beach training. This open event was also supported by senior instructors of other Kyokushin groups.

Thanks go to Shihan Doug Turnbull and Senseis Shaharin Yussof and Jenny Fuller for all their hard work organising the event.

Another great British Summer camp held in Felsted, Essex

Hanshi and his team of top BKK instructors held another successful adult and junior summer camp in Felsted, Essex.

Students were taken through kihon and bunkai and kumite.  An evening seminar with our Italian country representative Sensei Andrea Stoppa on basic BJJ skills.

A national and camp grading was also held for those attempting high grades including the promotion of three new third dans.

Inter Regional "Bushido Mon" Summer Camp 2014 - Russia

On the 25th June – 2nd July on the “Komponent” base near Moscow there was held Inter-regional “Bushido Mon” Summer Camp with Shihan Victor Fomin (VI Dan), assistant instructor– Sensei Yulia Tseytlina (IV Dan).

There were 70 participants from Moscow (sport clubs “Bushido Mon”, “Severny”, “Shiroi Tora”, “Bercut”, “Delta”, “Lefortovo”),Moscow region (Podolsk, Schelkovo), Tula, Gai (Orenburg region), Shihany(Saratov region). The Guest of Honour was Shihan Eddy Gabathuler (Country Representative of Switzerland, VI Dan) with his student Andreas Janka (2nd kyu).

8 hours a day training was concentrated on Budo karate – detailed learning of the IFK Syllabus combined with self-defense. The last one included bare hands and weapons training: Bo, Knife, Jawara with Shihan Victor Fomin and Tonfa with Shihan Eddy Gabathuler. Sayonara training session was traditionally dedicated to sword tameshigiri.

Summer camp and seminars held in Romania and Turkey

Two seminars were held last weekend - May 30th  to June 1st.

Country Representative Christen Herman Hirsh organised an open seminar in Sibiu, Romania with Hanshi Arneil assisted by Shihan Eddy Gabathuler.  For more Romania photos visit our Facebook album.

 Meanwhile in Turkey Country Representative Omer Salih Cengiz and Ismail Yildirim conducted an IFK seminar with 275 participants.